PIMA Management

April 30 - May 4, 2022 | Charlotte, NC USA

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PIMA Management (M)


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The PIMA Management track is organized by TAPPI's PIMA Management Division. It includes content for executives looking for input on how to better run organizations as well as Young Professionals and Women in Industry looking for more guidance in their jobs.


PIMA Management Program


Monday, October 4, 2021
8:45am - 9:45am ET  
M1: Opening Session/Keynote
      Session Chairs: Michael Subilia, Nalco Water; Jan Bottiglieri and Mark Rushton, Paper360

Keynote: YOU. In the Pilot's Seat
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Elizabeth McCormick, a decorated, former US Army Black Hawk Pilot and Congressional Veteran Commendation Recipient
10:00am - 11:00am ET  
M2: PIMA-Paper360 Executive Panel

Session Chairs: Michael Subilia II, Nalco Water; Jan Bottiglieri and Mark Rushton, Paper360; and Garrett Fisher, Tate & Lyle

Hear discussions about the real change needed to attract and retain young professionals in our industry – and how Sustainability and Digital technologies may be key to those efforts.

Moderators: Jan Bottiglieri, Editorial Director and Mark Rushton, Senior Editor, Paper360


  • Stacey Panayiotou, EVP Human Resources, Graphic Packaging International
  • Jukka Tiitinen, President North America, Valmet
  • Jori Ringman, Director General, Cepi (Virtual)
  • William M. Dannelly, Global Product Line Manager, Pulp and Paper, ABB

 1:30pm - 3:00pm ET  
M3: Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders

Presented by the Young Professionals Division


Session Chairs: Lena Sharesky, Packaging Corporation of America


Are we equipping future generations with the skills, resources, and knowledge they need to succeed in leadership roles? Join the Young Professionals Division as they explore answers to this question and more during the panel session, Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders.

During the session, panelists with a wide range of experience levels will discuss how to successfully prepare the next generation of leaders across the paper, pulp, packaging and tissue industries to advance in their careers.


Moderator: Mike Kohler, Kohler Coating


Eugenia Rivero Loyola, WestRock
John Edwards, Domtar
Anitra Collins, Graphic Packaging
Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar

 3:30pm - 5:00pm ET  
M4: Resilience
Presented by the Women in Industry Division
      Session Chair and Moderator: Paula Hajakian, USG 
        Join a diverse group of panelists to learn about reshaping the way we look at resilience, tying resilience to a sense of purpose, applying change management skills to handle ambiguity, tips for personal health and well-being, and how resilience impacts the organization. 

Michelle Davis, International Paper
Joanna Wilhelm, Fisher International
Wayne Spitzer, Jedson Engineering
Rick Hollin, WestRock

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
8:00am - 10:00am ET  
M5: Innovations Panel

Presented by PIMA IT Committee


Session Chair and Moderator: Laurie Dieffenbach, OSIsoft

Panelists and Panelists' Paper Titles:

      M5.1      Data Shaping for Big Analytics

Mariana Sandin, SEEQ Corporation, and
William Carrillo, OSIsoft, now part of AVEVA


M5.2      Online Data Analysis for Process Optimization            

Hannes Vomhoff, Holmen AB
      M5.3     Industry 4.0 – A Must Way Forward for Our Industry Robert White, Pulmac Systems International
1:30pm - 3:00pm ET  
M6: Superintendent's Roundtables

Sponsored by Couch Pit


Session Chair and Moderator: Keith Kemp, AstenJohnson 

Open to all.

The session continues the discussions of leadership and management challenges from the previous Executive and Mill Manager sessions of how to go beyond normal after COVID and to jump ahead to better, specifically at the front line level.

Key topic questions will given to the panelists. The audience will also be able to ask questions and participate.  

Topics include:
-       What is the company/plant is doing for learning and growth for new employees?
-       How have the mills focused on improving retention and building strength of the talent pool, and attracting new talent?
-       How are you maintaining and developing Millennial leaders that often struggle with the past demands and expectations of leading production in a Papermill environment?

The session will also include Safety topics and other questions about leading in today’s mill environment.


Greg Pittman, International Paper
Steve Smith, Graphic Packaging
Gary Nyman, International Paper

3:30pm - 5:00pm ET  
M7: Safety and Proactive Risk Reduction

Session Chair and Moderator: Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar

Panelists and Panelists' Paper Titles:

         M7.1 Why Are We Driving Safety From The Rearview Mirror? Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar; Marianne Verderosa, Briotix Health
        M7.2 Sprain & Strain Reduction Industrial Sports Medicine Mark Sniadecki, Briotix Health; Kurt Mehlberg, Domtar (Presented by Marianne Verderosa, Briotix Health)
Wednesday, October 6, 2021
8:00am - 10:00 ET  
M8: State of the Industry: Key Global Trends Affecting Pulp, Paper, Tissue, and Packaging

Session Chair: Nancy Hasson, Fisher International

Session addresses the following:

•    What trends will drive the growth and decline of pulp & paper industry segments?
•    How will the industry be affected by Covid-19 impacts such as work-from-home, e-commerce acceleration and personal health/ hygiene?  
•    Consumer attitudes towards paper and paper-based packaging have evolved over the past 2 years, measured by a recent survey by the Paper & Packaging Board

        Panelists and Panelists' Paper Titles:
        M8.1 Trends and Upside Potential in Fiber Based Packaging José González, AFRY Management Consulting
        M8.2 Consumer Perceptions & Attitudes–Important Data Trends Sarah Meiberg, Paper & Packaging Board
        M8.3 State of the Industry - Important Forces That Will Shape the Next Five Years in North American Pulp, Paper and Tissue Matt Elhardt, Fisher International
10:30am - 12:00pm ET  
M9: Mill Manager Roundtables: Will Technology be a Solution to the Industry’s Attrition-Retention Issues

Enjoy a fireside chat format with attendee participation.

Session Chairs and Moderators: Pamela Cowan and Robert White, Pulmac Systems International



Anitra Collins, Graphic Packaging International

1:30pm - 3:00pm ET  
M10: Keeping it Fresh: Workforce Development as we move towards Industry 5.0

Session Chairs: Steve Farmer & Jay Stockard, Fisher Arnold

Moderator: Jay Stockard, Fisher Arnold

Technology is ever-developing, as is the need to do so for ourselves.  With the movement towards Industry 5.0, man and machine will be working even more side-by-side than presently.  However, man will still be in control, and we need to be sure we have the skillset ready to get the most out of the new technology. 

Please join our discussion to prepare ourselves and to learn from experience how these changes have been adopted.



        M10.1 Effective Refresher Training V. Earl Brown, Jr., Industrial Psychologists, Inc.
        M10.2 How To Manage An Automated Warehouse and its Impact on Operational Planning Thomas Bentzler, A.Celli International


Program subject to change.