Companion Program and Tour

April 22 - 26, 2023 | Atlanta, GA USA

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Companion Program and Tour

There's lots to do at TAPPICon as an Attendee Companion


Register for the COMPANION PROGRAM and enjoy:

When? - Various activities on May 1-4; View TAPPICon schedule for event details

Cost? $96/pp; Register in advance or onsite; You will receive a Conference badge to attend these fun events


Register for the COMPANION TOUR and experience:

When? Tuesday, May 3rd • 10:00am - 2:00pm

Cost? $55/pp; Register in advance or onsite; Meet in the Westin Hotel lobby at 10am


Don't miss this chance to meet new friends and have fun while you're in Charlotte!



Duke Gardens
Duke Mansion Dining  Napa