TAPPICon 2021

April 25 - 28, 2021 | Cobb Galleria Centre | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Papermaking Additives

This track will explore innovative developments in papermaking additives. This year's program will highlight the best use of current state-of-the-art technology as well as both incremental optimization and non-incremental advancements in technology. The program focus will be shared between new additives and/or new application strategies that shape our future. 

Priority will be given to strong technical papers that supports the TAPPICon 2021 theme of "Drive, Thrive and Excel."

Potential Topics: (Other relevant submissions will also be considered.)

Process and Functional Additives

o    Biocides, enzymes or other biologically derived additives
o    Contaminant Control
o    Defoamers
o    Fillers
o    Retention, Drainage, and Formation
o    Sizing
o    Dry Strength
o    Wet Strength
o    “Green” additives

Methods and Applications

o    Wet end chemistry management, measurement and control
o    Water use and reuse, quality and quantity management
o    Ways to produce paper grades with enhanced strength, printability,
lightweightening, and other consumer desirable properties.
o    Utilization of computational and statistical tools as predictive tools

Novel Additives

o    Nano- or micro fibrillated cellulose
o    Improved barrier materials (heat, moisture, oxygen)
o    Critical requirements for high speed ink jet printing
o    Development of New paper grades
o    Use of cellulose based products to replace plastic


Green Chemistry