May 1 - 4, 2022 | Charlotte, NC USA

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TAPPICon TechTalks

FREE Virtual Series

Tuesdays • August 3, 10 and 17 •  1pm - 2pm ET


Get a sneak peek at the TAPPICon show floor by attending one or all of these 7-minute webinars which highlight new technologies,
products and services available to the industry. Also, participate in the live Q&A session each day.



TechTalks Webinars are FREE to attend but you must still register. 
Registration is separate from TAPPICon registration.


TechTalks Webinar Schedule

Subject to change.

Tuesday, August 3: Improvement Analysis
  Detection of Subtle Streaks & Classification of  Defects Based on Color AMETEK Surface Vision
  New digital sheet break analysis helps maximize operational performance to improve production and profitability in paper mills ABB Inc.
  Introducing the IRmadillo - a universal analyzer for pulp and paper production Keit Spectrometers
  Fulvic Fractions Make The Difference In Biological Treatment Probiotic Solutions
Tuesday, August 10: Cost Savings
  Upcycling of Recycled Feedstocks: Conversion to MFC FiberLean Technologies Ltd.
  New Weight Virtual Measurement Solution Reduces Sheet Break Recovery Time and Boosts Mill Profitability ABB Inc.

How Closed Loop Color Control Saves Money in Paper Production

  How Hargrove Utilizes Aspen Fidelis to Minimize Cost of Ownership and Process Bottlenecking in Pulp and Paper Projects Hargrove
Tuesday, August 17: Technology Advances
  Leveraging Technologies to Optimize Project Delivery Hargrove
  Motion Amplification®: A Camera-Based Visual Vibration Tool RDI Technologies